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Nag Smile will gladly tackle any video job and can help take you or your business to the next level. An incredibly effective way to promote your product is a professional video that can be posted all over the internet on youtube, your website, facebook, or even emailed to customers. We can make you a youtube video that promotes your business or introduces a new product. We can film your business location to show off what you have to offer. We could even conduct interviews with you or other employees to display their knowledge and experiences. Imagine how much information potential clients could gather from a short video promoting your business!

If you're a photographer, we could show off your studio and film you on location during a shoot. A restaurant could benefit greatly from a promotional video showing off their food and dining area. A new business could simply want to get their name out there and show what they have to offer. There truly is not a business out there that couldn't gain exposure from a promotional video.

Whatever else you can think of, we can help make happen. We can film birthday parties, sporting events, graduations, and more! Remember that it's not just filming an event. It's also receiving a professionally edited video synchronized to music with color correction. The video will be delivered on DVD disc ready to play or a digital file that is posted to youtube or anywhere else you want it on the internet.

Wedding Videographer in Cedar Rapids

Other Services

Music Videos

Nag Smile Short Film Reel

Are you passionate or interested in film making? Well, we are too! If you've ever wanted to be part of a film, then team up with Nag Smile Productions. We love shooting short films and understand that it's a team effort. Each aspect of film making takes the help of others so please contact us if you would like to be involved! These are some of the positions that are needed for every film:

-Actors & Actresses


-Director of Photography

-Makeup Artists


-Location Scout

Film Making

-All aspects of wedding filmed: planning, setup, decorations, guests arriving, ceremony, post ceremony, reception, bridal party arrival, speeches/toasts, first dances, bouquet/garter toss, cake cutting, testimonials, & dance floor footage until the end of the night.

-Blu-ray or-DVD Disc with Printed Picture and TItle

-Blu-ray or DVD Case with Photo Cover

-Chapter markers and Searchable Menu

-Digital Copy of Video

Wedding Video Features:

Our wedding videos are one of a kind and personalized for each couple that ties the knot. We actually refer to them as Wedding Stories because we like to capture the adventure of the wedding and not just a simple recap of the wedding day. The cameras will roll all day as we capture the morning preparation, ceremony, reception, dancing, and all other aspects of the wedding day and night are filmed to gather as much footage as possible. There's no limit as to how much we shoot and we keep the cameras rolling continuously to capture every moment.

All this footage is then combined and edited together to create your personalized wedding story. The video will be synchronized to music and features smooth transitions that keep the viewers engaged and entertained while watching. High end editing software allows your video footage to be color corrected to bring out all the details and clarity you expect to see in HD video.

Finally, full length wedding videos are burned to a Blu-ray disc and include chapter markers and searchable menu options. Highlight videos can be posted online, sent as a digital movie file, or burned to disc as well. 


Wedding videographer, film making, music videos, promotional videos, and more, Nag Smile is passionate about video production! We take the time to plan out each project and customize our work to your desires. Please read below to find out more about the services we offer and how we can make the perfect video for you!

wedding videographer in Cedar Rapids

Video Services

Video Services

DJ, Video, Photography, & more!

 Wedding videography, videography in Cedar Rapids

Nag Smile can also help out if you are the one making a film. We have years of experience in writing, directing, producing, editing, special effect work, and more. We have gear and knowledge to help nearly any aspect of a film.

Wedding Videographer

​All pricing options have the same aspects of all day filming, the editing process, and packaging. We offer two very affordable highlight video packages that recap your wedding day in a beautiful cinematic film, a full length wedding video that has shows every aspect of the day, and a package that provides a full length wedding video and a highlight video.  Please view the pricing guide to learn more!

Wedding Highlight Reels
Pricing: $100 +

-Boom Pole Operator

-Audio Engineers

-Set Designer


-Storyboard Artist

-Grip & Gaffers

Pricing Packages:
$750 - $1500
Music Video

Want to take your band to the next level and gain exposure? A music video for your hit song is the perfect way to accomplish this! We live in a visual world and a video is a great way of getting people to experience your music. Nag Smile has made many music videos over the years and would love to make one for you.

Many aspects go into determining how much a music video will cost including locations, traveling, actors, set designs, etc, but at a starting price of $100 there is no better way to get exposure for your band! The price differences are strictly based on the filming aspects of your video and every video will undergo the same editing process. Color correction and stylized color grading are a must for music videos and we will create a fantastic look for your video that will be sure to impress the viewers!

-Pro Res HD video

-Color Correction & Grading

-Multiple Cameras

-Full Accompanying Soundtrack

-Client can select music to use

-Professional Microphones for Sound     Recording

-No hourly limit to filming