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A longer cinematic highlight reel that's usually around 20 minutes. It features the best moments from your wedding day, but includes even more footage of each step along the way. This length video is a perfect recap of your wedding and is a very enjoyable way for everyone to view a wedding video.


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Video Prices

*Please note that prices may change based on variables associated with your specific service. Please contact us here to learn more.​​

$100 - $350

Many aspects go into determining how much a music video will cost including locations, traveling, actors, extras, set designs, filming conditions, and our involvement in the creative process.

All music videos start at $100 for a basic "simple" video and go up in price depending on ideas, themes, and production value that go into the making of your video.

All music videos will go through the same filming and editing process. We can come up with a concept and look for your video or will be happy to work with any ideas you already have.

Please contact us here for inquires about making a music video. After we discuss your vision or ideas we can work out a price!

Music Videos:

Each video service is unique and has many different aspects involved. Once your needs are discussed, a price will be determined based on a number of factors. Please contact us here for inquires or questions regarding any video services.

Other Video Services:

​All wedding video packages have the same aspects of filming, editing, and packaging but different in length and options. They all include a fully edited wedding video synchronized with music including chapter markers and menus. 

​Please visit our Video page to learn more about the filming and editing process.

A full length wedding video just like the previous package, but you also get a mini highlight reel using the best clips from your wedding. This highlight reel is usually around 5 minutes long and is the same version of the video you would get from the $750 package. This highlight reel is easy to post online to share friend and family and is a great way for everyone to relive your special day while also having a full length video on Blu-ray or a USB drive.

A full length wedding video that's usually around 45 minutes long and has a linear time structure showing off more moments from each part of your wedding day. This will include more footage of the ceremony, speeches, and dances. This option is best if you want a full recap of your day.


A cinematic highlight film that's usually around 5-8 minutes long. It takes the best moments from your wedding day and is a perfect recap of each aspect of the day. It's a quicker paced, engaging type of video and can easily be posted online and shared with friends and family. It's an amazing way to view your wedding, but also has the least amount of footage.

Wedding Videography:

Video Prices