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Whether you're a professional, newcomer, or a business trying to advertise a product, we would be happy to take photos for you! We'll work with you to plan out exactly what you're looking to accomplish with the photos and can give insight on the best way to make that happen. Fashion photography is a great way to show off clothing or other accessories for your business and it's a perfect way to display the products online or in advertising. We also provide an affordable way for people interested in modeling or acting to get professional photos for their portfolio or to use on their website.

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Printing & Framing

​-Pet Photography

-Senior Pictures

-Sporting Events

​-Concert Photography

​-School Events


Pricing: $200 - $350

Once you are engaged, it's time to take the first pictures ever as an engaged couple. We can shoot indoors or outdoors and will travel to any locations that you have in mind. We can also give suggestions of shooting in one of the multiple parks or city areas that we already know are great!

There are two packages available for Engagement Photos based on the number of locations and different types of photos you are looking for. Please visit our pricing guide to learn more!

-Classic White Backdrop

-Classic Black Backdrop

-Colored Backdrops

-Green Screen

-Can help "coach" you into the perfect pose and look

Nag Smile Photography Editing Process

Other Photography Services

Wedding Photography


Engagement Photos

Family Photography

Nag Smile offers a variety of photography services. We do not put a limit on the number of pictures taken and will continue to shoot until everyone is pleased with the results. After the shoot is over, all photos are looked through and the best ones are selected for editing. Once editing is completed, you will receive a digital download of high quality edited photos that are ready to be printed or shared online. Family photography, headshots, fashion photography, wedding photos, engagement, pet, scenic photography, and more!

Photography Services

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The editing process is achieved in Lightroom and Photoshop to accomplish two goals. One, is to make simple corrections to aspects such as contrast, exposure, and clarity to touch up the look of the photo and make it look as clear and perfect as possible. This gives each photo a stunning professional look without changing the style of the photo. The other editing process involves giving a picture a stylistic look, whether it's making the photo black and white or giving it a color tone or even completely adjusting aspects of the photo to make it ultra high definition or even cartoonish. Many different looks and styles can be made to create fun and spectacular stylized photos. This is especially beneficial to do when there are two good photos that are similar poses. We can give a nice normal edit to one photo and a special stylistic edit to the other photo to create completely different and unique photographs. This different way of editing allows the client to pick out which styles they like and can select certain photographs to have that effect applied to. Please view the examples above to see the different ways that a photo can be edited and watch the video to see the actual editing taking place!

Many factors go into pricing for family photography. The main contributors are how many locations, people, outfits, and scenes will be used in the photographs.

Headshots are a must for anyone in the modeling or acting world, but also has many other good uses as well. They are the perfect picture to place on your business card or include with your resume. They are also a professional way to show a picture of yourself on your website or social media application.

Pricing: $100 - $300

Photography in Cedar Rapids

Pricing: $100 - $350

Many factors go into pricing for fashion and modeling photography. The main contributors are how many locations, people, products, and scenes will be used in the photographs.

Our main headshots package is only $200 and will provide you with professional headshots ready to print or post online.

-3 Outfits (if you want different)

-3 Hairstyles/Makeup

-Unlimited Poses

-Unlimited Backgrounds

-Fully Edited Photos

-Skin Touchup

-8x10 Crops of Photos Selected

for Headshot Printing

Pricing: $100 - $200

Fashion & Modeling

Entire families, children, grandparents, individuals or any other combination of family members will make memorable photos that last a lifetime. We can shoot in front of backdrops in a studio setting, on location at your home or on your land, or anywhere outdoors in nature or a city setting. We have many nice parks and scenery in Iowa that are perfect for photography!

Galleries & Information

Total cost of printing and/or framing plus 20%

We would be happy to take care of the entire process of photography including printing photos and even framing them. Once your product is ready, we will provide receipts showing exactly how much everything cost and then add 20% for our services. Having us handle your printing and framing needs can save you a lot of time and hassle. We'll stay within your budget to accomplish your needs and then deliver the finished product to you.

Printing is done from trusted professional companies and is available in many sizes such as 4x6, 5x7, 8x10, posters, and more. Calendars, mugs, t-shirts, and other items can also be printed using any photos of your, or our, choosing.

As photographers we have done frame shopping and can find a great frame and matte selection for any photo. You can give us as much input as you want as to what you are looking for or just leave it to us to find a perfect fit. This is a great way to receive a beautifully framed photo that is ready to display or to give as a gift.

Photography Services

If you have any other photographic needs, then we would be happy to help! We can work with you to figure out exactly what you're looking for and how we can accomplish those goals. Here is a list of other events we could work or please contact us here if you have any other needs for a photographer!

-Work Event/Party

-Birthday Party

-Photos for a Website


-Restaurant/Food Photography

-Real Estate

Price: $750

Nag Smile specializes in DJing and wedding videography, but we love to photograph weddings also. We do not put a limit on how many photos are taken or how many hours the wedding lasts. The final pictures will have a vast variety of edits and we will work with you to create the perfect look you want from your wedding day. Your pictures will include normal clean edits, black and white photos, and plenty of stylistic beautiful edits that are perfect for wedding photography. We will take photos before the wedding of the bride and groom, wedding party, family, and decorations. Then we'll take multiple angled shots to capture everything during the ceremony. Another round of wedding party and family photos will be taken following the ceremony. Finally, we'll take photos throughout the entire reception to capture all the guests, toasts, dancing, and all the fun and memorable moments.