Take your event to the next level by hiring the perfect DJ. Sam Elgin has been a professional DJ for over 10 years and has a great combination of experience, equipment, and music library for any event! Sam utilizes computer programs and music on his laptop but integrates that with 2 turntables, a mixer, and effects to create the perfect balance of technology and classic DJ methods. Sam mixes songs together seamlessly and can blend everything together so the dance floor never stops moving. This is a lost art of "DJs" these days who simply play songs one after another from their laptop. He also takes requests at anytime and even creates personalized playlists for clients looking to hear specific music. Making the client happy and entertaining the guests are the main responsibilities of a DJ and Sam prides himself in creating the perfect atmosphere for any event. Great speakers, lighting, gear, and microphones will provide comfort for all aspects of hiring him as your DJ and his prices are exceptionally reasonable. Contact Sam here for questions or booking inquiries, or continue reading below for more information regarding your specific event!


DJ Services

DJ Services

Tours, residencies, and parties have landed Sam Elgin in hundreds of bars and clubs all across the country, DJing a variety of music for all kinds of crowds. Sam mixes all his music together seamlessly so the dance floor never stops moving and has the perfect music library to entertain any event! We can provide our own sound system, lighting, and microphones if necessary or can plug directly into yours.

​Pricing depends on how many hours you need a DJ, location of the venue, budget, and availability.​

Pricing depends on how many hours you need a DJ, location of the venue, budget, and availability.​​

Other Services


Contact email: Sam@nagsmile.com


We are happy to work any event that could use a DJ. Music is an obvious benefit of hiring a DJ, but we can provide more then that! If all you really need is a microphone and sound system for presentations or a speech we can set that up. We can also be the host or announcer for your event and always travel with our entire music library that's ready to play at anytime.

It's your special day and everything should be perfect, including the music! Years of experience combined with fantastic equipment, lighting, microphones, and music library are reasons why Sam Elgin is a great wedding DJ.

We can provide speakers and a microphone setup for the ceremony if necessary and then use a full PA system and lighting rig for the reception. We will introduce the bridal party as they arrive and provide a top of the line wireless microphone for speeches and toasts. A 50,000+ song music library covering every genre and decade provides plenty of songs to entertain guests of all ages. Weekly updates of our music library will assure that all the current hits are available to play and we welcome requests at anytime. We can even work with you to setup personalized playlists before the wedding to assure that all the songs you and your guests want to hear will be played!​

DJ, Video, Photography, & more!

​Prices may vary slightly depending on length of reception and location of wedding, but in most cases we charge a flat fee that provides you with all the audio needs that your wedding requires.

$400 - Reception DJ

$450 - Reception DJ and Ceremony sound system