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Audio Services in Cedar Rapids


Audio Services

-Sleigh Bells

-Grace Potter & The Nocturnals

-Marshall Tucker Band

-Justin Moore

-Music Production

-Beat Making

-Audio Recording



-Live Sound Engineering

-FOH & Monitor Engineering

-Live Performance DJ

-Record Scratching


-Song Writing

-Voice Over Recording

-Sound Effect Recording

​-Commercial Recording

-Pro Tools Operation

-Midi Programming

-Chris Cornell

-Marshall Tucker Band


-REO Speedwagon

-Josh Gracin

-Dean Madonia

-Iowa City Jazz Festival

-Iowa City Arts Festival


-Cedar Rapids Symphony

Stage Hand/Assistant Engineer credits:

-Reel Big Fish

-Super Mash Bros

-The National

-Chris Beard

-Janiva Magness

-Endless Summer

Front of House and Monitor Engineering credits:

One aspect of Sam Elgin's education at The Conservatory of Recording Arts & Sciences was live sound engineering. He also worked for a live sound company where he ran sound for many bands, comedians, choirs, magicians, orchestras, and more. Whether it's running front of house, stage monitors, or just hooking up a sound system and micing all the instruments, Sam has the education and experience to do a great job.

If you're a band, artist, or venue looking for a sound man, then contact Sam today!

Live Sound Engineer

Hear what mixing and mastering can do to a song!

Technology and computers these days have allowed anyone to record music from the comfort of their own home. There are great programs available that can turn you into a musician in no time. However, if you want your music to sound professional you need it to be mixed and mastered. This is where the common home recording setup fails to deliver.

Equalization, compression, and effects are all necessary applications to give your song a professional sound. We will take each individual track (vocals, guitar, snare, kick, etc) and give it the touch ups and adjustments they need to sound clear, smooth, and powerful. Once all of the tracks are mixed individually, they are combined together at the proper levels to complete your song.

Once the song is mixed, it is ready for Mastering. The Mastering process involves tiny adjustments to the overall mix of the song to perfect the High, Medium, and Low Frequencies. Once this final cleanse is complete, we will use a high powered Limiter to raise the overall volume of your song while preventing clipping or distortion. This process gives you an industry level of volume and a perfectly mixed final song for you to share with the world!

Audio Mixing/Mastering

-Nuemann TLM 103    Vocal Mic

-Shure SM57s

-Shure Beta SM58s

-Shure Beta 52A Kick Mic

-Zoom H4N

-Technic 1210 Turntables
-Rane TTM56 Mixer
-Serato Scratch Live
-Korg Kaos Pad 3

-Triton Studio

-MPC 2500

-Alesis DM10

-Pro Tools DIGI 002

-Allen & Heath ZED board

-Focusrite Pre Amps

-PreSonus ACP88

-BBE 882i Sonic Maximizer

-KRK Monitors & Sub

-Furman Power Conditioners

Nag Smile Gear List:

Sam Elgin has produced music for hip-hop artists, R&B singers, rock bands, acoustic artists, and more. Whether you just need beats or want to work with us to help produce an entire song, we can make that happen!

Sam has also written hundreds of songs in his life and has the capabilities to complete the entire process of a song from writing to recording to mixing and mastering.​​​

Music Production/Recording

Nag Smile can provide many different audio services in the Cedar Rapids area including music production, audio recording, mixing, mastering, live sound engineering, live performance DJing, sound effect recording and more! Sam Elgin became a certified audio engineer after graduating from The Conservatory of Recording Arts & Sciences in 2004. He earned multiple certifications in Pro Tools and has recorded and mixed hundreds of songs using the program. Sam works from his home recording studio where he produces, records, and mixes music for bands, solo artists, and film applications.

Please contact Sam here to find out more about the audio services he can provide for you, or read below for a more descriptive explanation of different services we offer. Music Studio

Audio Services

DJ, Video, Photography, & more!

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